The bible recap

for fellowship women

Okay ladies, raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to read through the Bible but were a little overwhelmed or intimidated by the thought. Or raise your hand if you started a one-year reading plan and got to Leviticus, scratched your head, and gave up. We’ve all been there!
Fellowship Women’s Ministry is excited to announce a church-wide initiative for women to read through the Bible chronologically in one year through The Bible Recap Plan.
When you sign up for the plan, you will be given a set of instructions from The Bible Recap website. Every day, the plan will tell you what you need to read. After your reading, you will listen to a short 6–8 minute Bible Recap podcast by the host Tara-Leigh Coble. Tara-Leigh “recaps” the reading, providing insight/context on the passages and highlights a passage where she really sees God at work leaving you saying to yourself, “Ooooh, so THAT’s what that was about!”
So how will it work for us?
First, sign up.  Let us know that you want to go on this exciting journey through the Bible with your fellow women. It kind of takes the scariness out of it if we’re all doing it together and literally on the same page. This is NOT a Bible Study, and there are no meetings. Wherever you have your phone or your computer is where you can do this - on the beach, in the car, in your home. As we get closer to January 1, we'll be reaching out help make sure you have everything you need to start!
If the thought of sitting down and reading 2-4 chapters/day gives you anxiety, listen to it on your phone while you are driving or brushing your teeth. Scripture started out as an oral tradition! Hearing God’s word is beautiful. If you’re the type that needs to sit down with a pen and highlighter and read the written Word, go for it! We just want you IN THE WORD because He's where the joy is!

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